Starling Murmuration in Woolsington Parish

Murmurations are masses of Starlings that twist, turn, swoop and swirl across the sky in beautiful shape-shifting clouds. Usually they occur just before dusk. If you are lucky enough you may see one yourself.

In 2021 we have had our own fantastic murmuration in Woolsington Parish.

These photographs were taken by a resident on a March evening from the junction of Stamfordham Road and Callerton Lane End, looking in the direction of Black Callerton. The birds then set off in the direction of Newbiggin Hall before finally going to roost at a site in Fawdon.

An estimated 10.000 Starling at Callerton Lane End

Starlings are known as ‘partial migrants’ i.e. birds that migrate in some places but not in others. Here in the UK we have our own resident Starlings, while those from colder countries in northern and eastern Europe head to our shores, swelling our numbers during autumn and winter. They often form seriously impressive flocks before returning home for the breeding season

The Parish Starlings heading off towards their roosting site