Parish Council Meetings

Meetings are held bi-monthly at St Wilfrid's Church 6.30pm. 

Any items for the agenda must be submitted 14 days before the date of the meeting.         

You are advised to check the location on each agenda.  Please see the below for the agendas and minutes of each meeting.         

Members of the public are welcome to attend and raise any issues before the commencement of the formal business.  If you wish to speak during the formal business session, please indicate this to the Chair by raising your hand.  The Chair will conduct the order of speakers and will indicate who will speak next.

2024/2025 - Agendas and Minutes

15 May 2024 (including AGM)WPC Agenda 15.05.2024.pdf

17 July 2024

11 Sept 2024

13 Nov 2024

8 Jan 2025

12 Mar 2025

2023/2024 - Agendas and Minutes 

2022/2023 - Agendas and Minutes 

11 May 2022 (including AGM)
WPC Agenda 11.05.2022.pdfWPC minutes 11.05.2022.pdf
13 July 2022
WPC Agenda 13.07.2022.pdfWPC minutes 13.07.2022.pdf
14 September 2022
Meeting Postponed to 21 SeptemberMeeting Postponed to 21 September
21 September 2022WPC Agenda 21.09.2022.pdfWPC minutes 21.09.2022.pdf
9 November 2022
Meeting Postponed to 16 NovemberMeeting Postponed to 16 November
16 November 2022WPC Agenda 16.11.2022.pdfWPC minutes 16.11.2022.pdf
11 January 2023
Meeting Postponed to 18 JanuaryMeeting Postponed to 18 January
18 January 2023WPC Agenda 18.01.2023.pdfWPC minutes 18.01.2023.pdf
8 March 2023
WPC Agenda 08.03.2023.pdfWPC minutes 08.03.2023.pdf

2021/2022 - Agendas and Minutes 

Date Agenda Minutes  
12 May 2021 (including AGM)WPC Agenda 12.05.2021.pdfWPC minutes 12.05.2021.pdf
14 July 2021WPC Agenda 14.07.2021.pdfWPC minutes 14.07.2021.pdf
08 September 2021Meeting Postponed to 15 SeptemberMeeting Postponed to 15 September
15 September 2021WPC Agenda 15.09.2021.pdfWPC minutes 15.09.2021.pdf
10 November 2021WPC Agenda 10.11.2021.pdfWPC minutes 10.11.2021.pdf
12 January 2022
Meeting Postponed to 19 JanuaryMeeting Postponed to 19 January
19 January 2022WPC Agenda 19.01.2022.pdfWPC minutes 19.01.2022.pdf
09 March 2022WPC Agenda 09.03.2022.pdfWPC minutes 09.03.2022.pdf

2020/2021 - Agendas and Minutes  

2019/2020 - Agendas and Minutes  

2018/2019 - Agendas and Minutes