Welcome to Woolsington Parish Council’s website, your place to find out what’s happening within the Parish. Here you can also get in touch with your parish councillors, find out about meetings, look up agendas, minutes and financial information, vote on ideas around new initiatives, volunteer and engage on key issues with fellow residents.
About Us
Woolsington Parish Council is a local Parish Council, based within the two Newcastle City Council wards of Kingston Park South & Newbiggin Hall and Callerton & Throckley
Parish Councils are the first tier of local government and are statutory bodies.  They serve electorates and are independently elected. They raise their own budget via a precept. Residents will know if they live within a Parish Council area as they will pay this additional Parish precept charge with their council tax – it will be detailed separately on the bill. The only paid member of a Parish Council is the Clerk
Woolsington Parish covers a large geographical area to the north west of Newcastle. It has both rural and urban communities. Newcastle International Airport is also within its boundary
Woolsington Parish Council itself consists of the wards of Bedeburn, Newbiggin Hall, Callerton and Woolsington & Bank Foot (Parish Council Wards.pdf)
WPC has 12 parish councillors (members) who represent the 4 wards. There are no vacancies at present

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