Woolsington Parish Council (WPC) has been running its Area Biodiversity Project since 2018, in support of Newcastle City Council`s Green Infrastructure Plan and Bee-friendly City Strategy. Throughout this time the project has given WPC Members the perfect opportunity to explore, study and record the natural habitat and beautiful landscape that exists in the Parish.

The Parish consists of 4 Wards: Newbiggin Hall, Bedeburn, Callerton and Woolsington & Bank Foot. Each area contains wonderful landscapes, veteran trees, hedgerows and many other lovely natural features.

We are now starting to emerge from the restrictions imposed on us by the pandemic. However, we still face many challenges; the continuing pressures on the greenbelt and wildlife, further largescale plans for housing development, accompanied by never ending disruption.

Through its Area Biodiversity Project, WPC has the following objectives: 

  • to secure and enhance our open green and blue spaces for the entire community
  • to protect and develop these habitats for nature in all its forms
  • to maintain and join-up wildlife corridors for existing and future generation

Each of these objectives plays an important role in improving our quality of life and in maintaining our physical & mental health and well-being.

Biodiversity Questionnaire

As part of the planning process we need your input, your thoughts and ideas please. The views of the local community are extremely important and valued. Therefore, it would be very helpful for the shaping of any future biodiversity projects if you could give your views on the following – please note any comments will be treated in confidence.

Subject: WPC Biodiversity : please provide your responses to the following questions by email to the Parish Council mailbox: woolsingtonpc@gmail.com 

1. What do you like about the green & blue spaces in the Parish area?

2. Would you like to see the Parish area improved and if so, how?

3. Have you any other comments or suggestions for future biodiversity project work?

Thank you in advance for taking the time.

In the meantime the below photographs may inspire your thinking: Please join us on this journey around the Parish, season by season, as we celebrate some of its natural beauty during 2021.

1 Woolsington Parish WINTER 2021.pdf

2 Woolsington Parish SPRING 2021.pdf

3 Woolsington Parish SUMMER 2021.pdf

4 Woolsington Parish AUTUMN 2021.pdf